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Market Segments

No matter what industry you’re in, or how your company operates, we’ll provide you with the interior furniture you need to fully realize your space, making your team more productive, efficient, and dynamic in the process.


Office Basics Business Interiors offer functional interior solutions for our healthcare clients that improve efficiency while boosting both employee productivity and patient satisfaction. 


Office Basics Business Interiors provide educational spaces for schools and universities of all sizes. Our furniture encourages creativity and is customized with flexibility in mind. We provide interiors that help students and faculty learn, grow, and challenge each other in new, innovative ways. 


Office Basics Interiors will help your government agency build a new workspace while adhering to current laws and regulations. We’re dedicated to helping your agency build a functional, quality workspace that fits your budget, with leading-class implementation services that don’t stop until the job’s complete. 


Office Basics Business Interiors will create a productive space that your employees love, from the lobby to the conference room, and everywhere in-between! We partner with today’s top rated manufacturers and we’ll use our talented team of designers, contractors, and interior experts to help bring your vision to life.